Gefran presents the ultracompact and multifunctional G-Start motor controller for high safety standards

Gefran launches the new modular series of G-Start motor starters, designed for the control of single/three phase asynchronous motors up to 3KW, 7A and 500Vac.

One products, four features

The product range, available in three current sizes (0.6A, 2.4A and 7.0A), is defined by an extremely compact design and provides four specific features: direct motor start, reverse rotation function, thermal protection and diagnostics (with emergency stop performances according to SIL3 and PL”e” levels), guaranteeing an high degree of operational safety.

The solution to enhance the productivity and efficiency of industrial processes

The G-Start multifunction motor starters are small and easy to install smart devices” states Paolo Buzzi, Gefran’s Controllers & Power Controllers Marketing Manager, who continues “Compared to the mixed use of contactors and motor protections, which is usually found in the control of three phase motors, G-Start reaches the same results with a device of just 22.5mm in width” and concludes “These new products’ hybrid technology involves a microprocessor system that combines wear-resistant semiconductors and robust solid-state relays, guaranteeing the safe activation of an high number of commutations even in applications with dust and volatile substances”.

An overload protection feature, available with either automatic and manual reset, is also available to ensure proper motor operation. Furthermore, the practical rotary switch on the front allows for an easy, quick and accurate setting of the nominal current value of the motor. Lastly, the motor diagnostics are further simplified thanks to four frontal status LEDs, double digital signalling outputs for rotation direction and a digital alarm output.

Gefran’s new devices can be applied in: loading hoppers, compressors, mixers, industrial pumps and centrifuges, tubular augers, blowers and industrial fans, expanding also to olive oil mills and related machinery. Additionally, in light of their reverse rotation functions, these products satisfy the requirement of managing movement in both directions, like in industrial roller shutters and coyer belts.

The G-Start motor starters series by Gefran stand as an excellent solution to enhance the productivity and efficiency of industrial processes, providing advanced features, compact dimensions and an easy installation, while guaranteeing high safety standards thanks to the Emergency Stop function with SIL3 and PL”e” certification.