GF Connect

Asistencia remota

GF Connect

Asistencia remota

Características principales
  • 32 keys
  • 32 LEDs
  • 16 external auxiliary keys

Datos técnicos


GF_Connect is Gefran’s answer to customers who require connectivity and communication services in industry 4.0 optics. GF_Connect can be used to provide advanced connectivity services for various Gefran product lines: sensors, drives, automation components.
GF_Connect offers a secure connection based on an OpenVPN and SSL system for remote management of industrial installations by connecting to a centralised server through gateways.

  •  Remote access to network or serial connected devices
  •  Via tool on secure pc connection with tunnel vpn
  •  Secure connection: machine network and separate corporate network
  •  Access from development environment or configuration tool (also for 485 devices)
  •  Email delivery upon event
  •  Pdf reports
  •  Integrated web server
  •  Gateway between various protocols
  •  Opc ua server and client
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