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CPU module that allowed development of high-performance modular PLCs.

Installed on R-BUS(x) backplane with GILOGIK II series I/O modules.

R-CPU300 is programmed according to standard IEC 61131-3 and controls up to 16 I/O modules.

It has Ethernet port with Modbus TCP protocol for network/debug connection and RS485 port with Modbus RTU protocol to dialog with other devices (such as Geflex, GFX4, instruments, drives, etc.).

An optional USB port can be added to manage application program updating.

High-capacity memory: the program (including source) is stored on Flash Eprom.

Retentive data is saved on static RAM with rechargeable lithium buffer battery.

The execution program is loaded on dynamic RAM.

Main applications

  • Automation systems
  • Plastic processing machines
  • Packaging and packing machi nes and lines
  • Woodworking machines
  • Food processing machines
  • Test benches

Main features

  • Installation: on R-BUS (x) backplane
  • Programming: IEC 61131-3
  • RS485 Modbus Master-Slave port
  • Ethernet Modbus TCP port
  • USB port for external memory (option)
  • 16 I/O modules
  • In Conformity with UL508