Regulador PID de doble bucle, 1/8 DIN


Regulador PID de doble bucle, 1/8 DIN

Características principales
  • Operator interface with large LCD display and three configurable bar graph
  • Scrolling diagnostics messages, configurable, in the selected language
  • Easy, guided configuration, copy/ paste parameters even with power off
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Datos técnicos


Operator interface

Large LCD display with customization of plastic front panel color and logo.

Graphic display of power, output current or valve position.

Scrolling alphameric display of 25 messages (32 letters each), completely configurable and savable, in three languages.

Thanks to language selection and clear scrolling messages for diagnostics, alarms, and process state, the controller speaks the  user’s language.


Double loop, three configurable universal inputs for thermocouples, resistance thermometers, linear inputs. Aerospace and Automotive applications AMS2750/CQI-9 conformant.

Second input can be configured as remote setpoint of single loop.

Easy configuration

Guided configuration for manual-free programming, with a few essential parameters and on-line help messages.

Ability to clone configuration among controllers, even with power off and in the field, thanks to a mini portable configurator with Zapper battery.

Extended configuration, creation of work recipes, and firmware updates via PC and GF_eXpress software, even without powering the controllers.

Thanks to the smart configurator function, you obtain the required parameter recipe by answering a few simple questions.

Local configuration and operation with only four keys assigned to LEDs that serve as feedback for the pressed key and as guide to specify appropriate steps.

The initial parameters can always be reset, both from the keypad and from the GF_eXpress Software tool.

Diagnostics, preventive maintenance and energy monitor

Complete diagnostics for broken or incorrectly connected probe, total or partial load break, out of range variables, and control loop faults.

Thanks to the switching count and to the settable alarm thresholds, you can program preventive maintenance to replace worn actuators.

An internal energy counter with alarm for abnormal variations totalizes energy consumptions and costs for constant control.

Function block applications 32 AND, OR, Timer Function Blocks let you create customizable logic sequences for complete and flexible machine control.

The controller’s hardware resources are exploited completely, without any need for external devices such as timers and small PLCs.

There are 8 math function blocks to process analog variables and add/subtract/multiply/ divide, calculate average, root, logarithms and control functions in cascade, and ratio check.

Options are available with 8 digital inputs/outputs and 8 additional relay outputs to be managed via function blocks with state signals via dedicated LEDs on the LCD display.


Advanced tuning algorithms ensure stable and accurate control even with critical or very rapid thermal systems, engaging automatically when necessary.


Three types of timers let you set delay times before activating the control, hold times on the setpoint value, and timed changes of programmed setpoints.

Setpoint programmer

Models with 128 steps (each step consisting of a ramp and a hold), groupable in a maximum of 16 programs, are available for applications with setpoint profiles.

Enable inputs, event outputs, and messages to display can be assigned to each step.

Double programmer with synchronous and asynchronous base times for activating two setpoint profiles (even separate) assigned to the two loops.

On-board configuration and graphic configuration with GF_eXpress.

Valve positioner

Models to control motorized valves, with or without feedback.

The position is calculated for floating valves.

For valves with potentiometer via auxiliary input you can control and display the position.


Modbus RTU master/slave, Modbus TCP slave and Bridge Modbus RTU/TCP.

Embedded Webserver interface for easy and quick remote service.

General characteristics

The controller is completely software configurable without accessing the internal electronics.

The universal main input accepts thermocouple sensors, resistance thermometers, and linears.

The controller can be replaced at any time simply by removing the faceplate, without any additional procedures.

  • Operator interface with large LCD display and three configurable bar graph
  • Scrolling diagnostics messages, configurable, in the selected language
  • Easy, guided configuration, copy/ paste parameters even with power off
  • Preventive maintenance with energy counters (kWh) and load switching
  • 32 function block applications
  • 8 math application blocks
  • Timer, setpoint and algorithm programmer for controlling motorized valves
  • Advanced tuning of control parameters
  • Different password levels
  • 3 universal inputs configurable for thermocouples, resistance thermometers, linear inputs
  • AMS2750/CQI-9 conformant
  • 2 PID control loop
  • 2 setpoint programmers (128 steps in 16 programs)
  • Relay, logic, isolated analog outputs
  • Up to two CT inputs for interrupted load diagnostics
  • RS485 serial communication in Modbus RTU
  • Removable faceplate for immediate replacement
  • Sampling time 60 ms
  • Modbus RTU master/slave
  • Modbus TCP slave
  • Bridge Modbus RTU/TCP
  • Webserver
  • Weekly clock (RTC)

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