Regulador PID presión y fuerza, 1/4 DIN


Regulador PID presión y fuerza, 1/4 DIN

Características principales
  • Double configurable input for strain gauge / potentiometer / linear signal / TC / RTD
  • Two auxiliary analog inputs
  • Differential measurement
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Datos técnicos


Single-loop microprocessor controller, 96 x 96 (1/4 DIN) format, appropriate for processes with high variation speed.

Thanks to its extended functions and configurable hardware and software, it provides high applicative flexibility in systems that control and monitor pressure, force, temperature, and differential pressure, and can acquire up to 4 variables.

It has two main analog inputs, configurable for strain gauge / potentiometer / linear signal / TC / RTD (one of which is optional) and two auxiliary analog inputs for linear signals (for example, remote setpoint functions and line speed reference input).

Two isolated analog outputs (one of which is optional) are available for control.

The operator interface, with IP54 protection level (IP65 with protective cover) is equipped with a 6-key soft-touch keyboard, triple 5-digit display (one of which is 2-color), and two bar graphs with configurable function.

Controls and commands can be sent from the front panel or via 4 digital inputs that can be assigned functions such as reset, calibration, man/auto, loc/rem, hold, raise/lower (motopotentiometer function), parameter set selection, setpoint selection.

The instrument has 4 configurable relay outputs as standard. More extended configurations are available with the following options:
– isolated analog output for retransmission of process, peak, remote set, deviation, alarm setpoint, differential values
– expansion with 4 I/O
– communication interface Modbus RTU
– communication interface Profibus DP (slave)

Self-adapting PI control or double-action PID (heating/cooling), ratio controller, differential pressure controller, selftuning, continuous or one-shot autotuning, Auto/man, Loc/rem, setpoint gradient, power gradient, dynamic power limits. 8 sets of selectable PID parameters based on setpoint level / PV / deviation or from digital inputs.

4 completely configurable alarm setpoints.
Selectable “failsafe” function.

Math functions
The 2500 controller lets you define two distinct math relations between two analog inputs. The results can be freely used as setpoints, alarm setpoints, control output, etc…

Digital communication
The instrument offers an optional RS485 2/4 wire / RS232 serial interface with MODBUS RTU protocol for access to instrument parameters.

The programming procedure is facilitated by the menu structure, with various configuration levels for quick and simple data search.

  • Double configurable input for strain gauge / potentiometer / linear signal / TC / RTD
  • Two auxiliary analog inputs
  • Differential measurement
  • High precision: 0.1 % f.s. ± 1 digit
  • Automatic calibration for 6-wire strain gauge
  • Transmitter power supply and strain gauge probe power supply
  • PID controls with 8 sets of selectable parameters
  • 4 configurable alarms, failsafe function
  • Up to 3 isolated analog outputs for control and retransmission
  • 4 digital inputs
  • 4 relay outputs with configurable function
  • Expansion with 4 configurable digital inputs and/or outputs
  • Serial communication interface:
    – RS485/RS 232 MODBUS RTU protocol (optional)
    – Profibus DP Slave (optional)
  • Front panel with three 5-digit displays and two bar graphs
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