Smart and Ultra-Compact: Gefran Launches the New GRM-H Power Controller

Provaglio d’Iseo, 14 December 2022

Gefran presents the GRM-H power controllers with integrated diagnostics, based on the scalable GRx platform, dedicated to the control of resistive loads in industrial heating. The solution is characterised by an ultra-compact design and by the IO-Link interface, which guarantees advanced features in an Industry 4.0 perspective.

GRM-H are single-phase power controllers, which in a Master/Slave configuration also enable the control of three-phase loads. They are equipped with all the main firing mode technologies, from Zero Crossing and Burst Firing, to the Half Single Cycle and Phase Angle, useful for adjusting control according to the various characteristics of the heating elements. Also, in addition to the Soft Start function, ideal for IR Lamps, they provide Feedback algorithms that make the regulator a constant source, with modifiable voltage, current or power set points. An important advantage for certain types of resistors, such as silicon-molybdenum, silicon carbide or graphite resistors.

A particularly distinctive element of the GRM-H series is the IO-Link connectivity. These are the first power controllers in the world to adopt this protocol which enables digital communication from the field level to the higher factory level. Therefore, in addition to cyclic process data, you can also record acyclic variables such as hours in operation, temperature peaks, energy and internal temperature, for the purpose of the machine’s efficient predictive maintenance.

Thanks to the smart configuration through the Gefran NFC APP, available for Android and IOS, you can quickly set up the main parameters and easily read the diagnostic data. This interface also makes it possible to easily duplicate the configuration on multiple devices or send it via file to the support service, which will analyse it remotely and modify it, if required.


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